What is due to CRANKYFEST by the deadline?

You must have completed your online application form and uploaded your film directly at http://crankytown.ca/crankyfest.html. You must check off all the required fields in order to successfully complete your submission. You will know that your film has been submitted successfully when you see it posted on our website. It takes five business days between the time you upload and the time we review your submission for copyright clearances and acceptability. Please do not contact us with questions or queries until five business days have passed.

What about the digital and mobile rights to my film?

By submitting your film to CRANKYFEST we offer you the option of licensing your worldwide mobile and digital rights to iThentic on a non-exclusive basis for 12 months.

What’s iThentic?

iThentic is an online and mobile video company that hosts and manages the web platform on behalf of CRANKYFEST. You can learn more about us at www.ithentic.com.

What happens if my film is not one of the top 2?

If your film is not selected as one of the top 2, then you retain all your rights. You are free to submit your film to iThentic for worldwide broadcast, mobile and digital distribution on a non-exclusive basis for a 12-month license term. Again, please read iThentic’s Content License Agreement and Terms & Conditions so you understand the nature of this relationship.

What kind of submissions is CRANKYFEST looking for?
Short films about the subject of women’s periods presented in English language or without dialogue from anywhere in the world. This online festival is designed to showcase all genres, from music videos to documentary shorts to flash animation. Anything that fits our subject and running time criteria (no longer than three minutes) will be considered for inclusion.

What if my short piece is slightly longer than three minutes?
Unfortunately, we cannot exceed the three minute time limit. If we receive a work longer than three minutes, we will only review and evaluate the first three minutes and nothing more. You can, however, re-edit your film to fit our running time criteria and we will be happy to consider the new video.

What if my short piece was submitted to another platform?
We love original content, but we will accept your film if it is already available elsewhere. Please make sure you understand that you must have the video’s distribution rights in Canada available in order to enter. We would also like for you to tell us where else it is shown for our records.

What kind of awards will there be?
Prize packs from retailers such as Everlane.com and others.

How many finalists will there be?
There will be 5 finalists with 2 winners (Judges pick 1 winner, audience picks 1 winner)