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In these unprecedented times, our purpose of unlocking the power of food to enhance the quality of life for everyone is now more important than ever.

Since the start of the pandemic, we have been working very closely with the local authorities, stakeholders and business partners to safeguard the health of all employees, whilst ensuring business continuity to meet our obligation towards the nation, as a manufacturer of essential foods and beverages.

live roulette games online, We are committed to play our part in the national response to this pandemic and will continue helping many loginns overcome their difficulties through these difficult times. We will continue to contribute to the nation’s recovery effort through our ongoing operational activities, our planned investments and the unwavering commitment in support of the nation.

Juan Aranols
Juan Aranols Chief Executive Officer, ksi vs logan paul time malaysia ( login) Berhad

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Supporting the national vaccination drive

12 win casino download,In line with our ongoing commitment to support the rakyat during this COVID-19 pandemic, we stand by the nation’s call to get loginns vaccinated in the drive to achieve herd immunity

Sponsorship progamme

We first kickstarted a sponsorship progamme at the IDCC Vaccination Administration Centre (VAC), Shah Alam, providing more than 10,500 packs of nourishing meals for the 250 front liners on duty. ksi vs logan paul time malaysia Cares “goodness packs” containing ksi vs logan paul time malaysia products were also handed out amongst those who came to vaccinate.

We have since then extended support to other centres including the Tzu Chi as well as UCSI VACs, in hopes to continue encouraging loginns to register and get vaccinated. Through this initiative, we will be contributing more than 400,500 goodness packs in total for those who vaccinate.

Protecting our employees

free credit slot,We have put in place stringent safety and health measures across our work areas and strengthened communications to all employees since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak to ensure they are safeguarded against the virus. This includes in our factories, offices and distribution centers. All previous safety arrangements are also now adapted to the requirements stipulated by the Government. Catch the video below for more information on the measures we’ve implemented.

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Some of the safety measures adopted within our offices

scr online gaming,Besides encouraging office-based employees to work from home whenever possible, employees returning to the office are required to adhere strictly to the safety protocols and measures defined such as declaring their health status before entering, taking COVID-19 antigen testing and abiding to the necessary precautionary SOPs. Our work locations are also well equipped with amenities to prevent spreading the virus, including bio-waste bins, hand sanitizers, disposal masks and wipes.

equipping our employees

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live22 prize,We believe it is vital to keep our employees regularly informed and engaged to ensure they are not only educated but also committed to uphold their responsibilities in ensuring the safety of themselves, their colleagues and their families at home. Besides trainings, talks, townhalls and memos, an Employee Health and Hygiene Handbook has also been issued to all employees, which outlines general guidelines on health screenings, SOPs and even procedures on reporting a COVID-19 case among others.

Helping communities in need

The road to recovery following COVID-19 will not be easy as many loginns have lost their jobs and many small companies are struggling to survive. Humbled and united by loginns, we are determined to provide a helping hand to the communities in need. Together with our household brands like Milo, Maggi and KitKat, our efforts aim to continue to unite with loginns and fight this global pandemic together.

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Partnering NGO Empire Project
Partnering NGO, Empire Project, we donated school uniforms and supplies, as well as ksi vs logan paul time malaysia products to over 1,100 low-income families just in time for the 2021 school opening.